MEDINA, OH 44256
PHONE: (330) 410-0312| FAX: (330) 247-0725

I am an Ohio attorney whose practice is located in Medina. I serve clients in Medina and neighboring counties. 

I counsel and represent clients on the issues of divorce, dissolution, child custody and spousal support. I also practice in the areas of business law, wills, personal injury (dog bites, car accidents, falls, etc.), criminal misdemeanor (DUI), and landlord-tenant law.

Many people have never hired a lawyer before.  It is only when some type of crisis occurs--divorce, death of a loved one, criminal charges--that they must go about the process of finding someone they can trust.  It is hard to judge the quality of a lawyer's services as most people haven't gone to law school.  Believe it or not, understanding the law isn't the most difficult part of being a lawyer.  It is being able to have the right social intelligence to know when to push, when to pull, when to fight and when to make a deal.  It is the human element that makes or breaks a case.  The other issue is caring--if your lawyer isn't interested in your case, then you are in trouble.  The worst thing you can do is hire a lawyer who brags about being mean and aggressive.  Overly combative lawyers don't fool the opposition and end up costing you more money and time.  

I offer a free initial telephone consultation for you to discuss your concerns with me. To set up a consultation, you can either telephone me or email me.  

In person meetings are by appointment


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